The Dedalus has thirty years experience in research, design and operation of services of social value, in order to intervene in issues related to social exclusion of vulnerable groups, the local economy and local development.
The Dedalus is an economic, social and democratic, is aimed at improving the welfare of local communities, including the construction of job opportunities for its members. It 'also affects the rights of people who work there, regardless of role, national origin, gender or religious affiliation.
Dedalus was born in Naples in 1981 by a group of people with stories, different skills and knowledge, experts in economics , the labor market, research and social policies.
Always Dedalus is characterized as a place attended for work, socializing and cultural programming. An area close to the differences, defined as firm in its mission to build a community welcoming and inclusive, safer, more just because, able to bring her back into some went, or was pushed out, able to give voice to those who last because it was private, fragile or different, to take charge of the difficulties in processes of mediation and coexistence.
Since 1986, Dedalus looks with special interest topics related to migration and migrants' rights and obligations of persons in their paths of emancipation and citizenship.
Since 1999, Dedalus has been transformed into social cooperative type A.
Since 2007, Dedalus has expanded and strengthened its commitment to the professional training of social workers and the recipients of its services, obtaining accreditation as a training organization in the Region Campania.
Since the end of the nineties has greatly expanded the social structure involving social workers, mediators, and new foreign professionals.
Primary objective of the activities undertaken by Dedalus is the construction processes of access to social citizenship rights in all their forms.
Dedalus currently promotes and supports path to citizenship, acceptance and career guidance in particular for victims of trafficking, unaccompanied minors, women in distress, transsexuals.