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Dedalus is a non profit making organization born in 1981; in the first five years it has been mostly active in the promotion of the public debate on social and economic changes, mainly during presentations of books and public talks.
From 1986, when a group of sociologists joined as new members, Dedalus’ interests focuses on migration flows to Italy and particularly on migrants’ paths and strategies of insertion in the local labour market.
This activity engendered the development of a planning department and the promotion of social experimentation projects and new methodologies, as the introduction of the cultural mediation in the public services sector.
In 1999, Dedalus transformed into a social cooperative - as defined by the Italian law n. 381 of 1991 - working on the integration of migrants, through the design and the implementation of specific social services.
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Who we are


Dedalus’ Staff is made up of economists, sociologists, psychologists, social operators, vocational trainers, cultural mediators and peer operators with proved experience in research, planning and management of social services.
Dedalus’ activities address problems related to gender, ethnicity and other form of discrimination, social exclusion of weak segments of population, violence and abuse. Dedalus provides to its beneficiaries a wide range of services: information and guidance, cultural mediation in access to social and health services, social protection , shelter, counselling and training.
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Organization and staff


Elena de Filippo


Giacomo Smarrazzo

Border of directors

Elena de Filippo, Gaetana Castellaccio, Giacomo Smarrazzo

Executive board

Elena de Filippo, Andrea Morniroli, Eduardo Sorvillo, Giacomo Smarrazzo, Gaetana Castellaccio


35 people, including 10 foreigners and 25 women


42 people, including 13 foreigners and 32 women

Project workers

10 people, including 4 foreigners and 8 women

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Corporate partners

Dedalus activities are mostly financed and supported by national and local public bodies, but also by private companies and foundations:


Main public bodies:

Department for Equal Opportunities of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (Italy). It supports activities in fight of trafficking, by financing social protection and integration programmes for victims;

Italian Home Office, through the SOLID European Fund. It finances innovative projects for the Integration of Third Country Nationals;

Ministry of Labour, Health and Welfare (Italy).It financed an experimental microcredit project to promote self-employment of immigrants in Southern Italy;

Campania Region and Municipalities, financing shelters, training courses, innovative projects for the integration of migrants.

Healthcare local public bodies (ASL). They finance cultural mediation initiatives in the hospitals, medical centres and counselling services addressing women.

Main private organizations:

Fondazione Vodafone Italia and Charlemagne Foundation. They supported several innovative projects focused on care, sheltering, social and work integration of unaccompanied minors.

Soros Foundation. It supports Dedalus’ social research activities on labour exploitation of immigrants.

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Support us

If you are a company
You can sponsor either one of Dedalus’ program areas or a specific project.
Contact us and we will define together which goals we can reach with your help.

Contacts: info@coopdedalus.it

If you are an individual
You can support our activities through a donation

Contacts and information: info@coopdedalus.it

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