Our mission

Our mission


Dedalus recognizes as its mission the pursuit of the general interest of the community, through the construction of processes of human and cultural promotion, of achieving equal opportunities of access to the rights and to guarantees of citizenship for all citizens, without distinction of sex, nationality, religion, wealth, favoring the prevalence of encounter and care as the basis of the meeting from different.
Its priority objective is to strengthen the welfare system and to contribute to activating virtuous paths of social-labor inclusion, in a perspective of community and integrated welfare in order to guarantee the universality of rights, through the valorisation and centrality of the public function.

Dedalus carries out interventions based on respect for differences, preventing and combating all forms of intolerance, discrimination, and xenophobia, promoting and enhancing coexistence among diversity. In this sense it promotes the idea that the meeting between differences is not a problem but, on the contrary, a civil, economic and social opportunity. It identifies in the “beauty” and in the “presence” of people two fundamental orientations of their own cultural proposal.
For the realization of the corporate purposes the Dedalus articulates interventions that replace specific objectives, aimed at making the spirit of the cooperative’s mission functionally live. The operation of Dedalus in the areas of the job market, of the problems connected to social exclusion, of the social economy and of the quality of services, and of local development is therefore itself the instrument and the path to fulfillment of the mission.

It considers the local community as a complex social actor, whose active involvement in services and in interventions becomes indispensable for the realization of stable conditions of solidary and democratic coexistence.

For this purpose, it takes as its priority objectives of its own social action the protection and strengthening of the welfare system, as well as the realization of all the actions necessary to activate virtuous paths of social-labor inclusion, in a perspective that identifies in the forms of community and integrated welfare those most suitable to guarantee the universality of rights, through the valorisation and centrality of the public function.

Dedalus identifies in the cultural proposal and in the promotion of beauty and art in its various expressions, one of the indispensable frames for the construction of coexistence and collective well-being. It considers the gender perspective fundamental and transversal to its own activities and to the management of internal and external relational systems to its own doing.
Dedalus undertakes to encourage the participation of members in the life and growth of the cooperative, supporting the formation and development of a sense of belonging, encouraging information and communication between members; the professional growth of workers, producing and spreading their own social balance; starting the path to obtain quality certification. For the realization of the business purposes, there are articulated interventions that constitute specific objectives, aimed at making the spirit of the cooperative’s mission live and at the same time, to build itself as indispensable dimensions to its affirmation. This structure involves both the general areas of intervention and planning and the service management areas, as well as the organizational structure, consistent with the operational objectives and the corporate purpose.

The operation of Dedalus in the areas of the labor market, of the problems connected to the social exclusion of vulnerable groups, of the social economy and the quality of services, of local economy and local development, is therefore itself an instrument and path of the realization of the mission. In particular, for almost two decades, with a view to the path traced, Dedalus has developed a specific interest in issues related to migration flows, carrying out research activities and forms of innovative interventions with the aim of favoring social and labor integration, addressing especially to minors, young people and women in difficulty.

For this reason, it creates low-threshold social protection services for non-EU prostitutes; information desks, cultural mediation services “on call” and manages a shelter for women in difficulty. The same trace is also developed in other sectors of social work, as in projects in favor of children and young people in situations of unemployment, marginalization and deviance, managing territorial educational services, pre-training, social support and work orientation.

Accordingly, the Dedalus carries out research in the areas of interest indicated; in order to monitor and intercept the need, translating the results into innovative projects aimed at satisfying it. With the aim of spreading good practices and raising the qualitative level of the offer of personal services, Dedalus also carries out and supervises projects, on the proposal of institutions and of social enterprises active in the area; and it it manages a social documentation center, which service to the structures, to the operators (public and private social operators) but also to students, researchers and undergraduates, dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge, information and updating of social issues, methodologies and techniques.
The system of objectives, thus articulated, requires an effective organization, horizontal, interacting but consistent with the levels of competence and responsibility identified. To this end, practices, protocols and distribution of functions have been redefined and assumed as an objective for the realization of the aims of the cooperative.

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